• Question: I would just like to say tank you so very much for all the lovely information help and ideas you have given me throughout the time I have really appreciated it !!! May the best candidate win !!! But both your causes deserve the money!! What have you learnt from this experience? (I sound like a teacher !!!! ) haha anyway will you do it next year ?? Have u enjoyed it ? I know I have ;)

    Asked by u11bradshawt to Jon, Kat on 22 Mar 2013.
    • Photo: Jonathan Stone

      Jonathan Stone answered on 22 Mar 2013:

      Thanks! That is very nice of you to say! Well…I’m a scientist has genuinely been the most exciting thing that I have done for a long time. Forget volcanoes…nothing is quite as tense/exciting as desperately trying to answer difficult/interesting questions from you guys!

      I am glad that you really enjoyed it…! Don’t stop being excited by science and definitely go for it if you want to be a Dr. Both of my parents and my sister are Drs…that was one of the things that inspired me to do science in the first place – just I am more interested in stopping volcanoes killing people rather than diseases!

      I would LOVE to do I’m a Scientist again next year…but I think they only let us do it once!

      ps, I like it that your favourite scientist of all time is Alexander Flemming…! Me too! I recently voted for penicillin as the “Greatest British Invention”.

    • Photo: Kathryn McMahon

      Kathryn McMahon answered on 22 Mar 2013:

      Its been a pleasure, you’ve asked some really, really good questions!
      I’ve learnt a lot more about the subject I work on since I’ve been doing I’m a scientist! Its opened up lots of interesting discussion between me and the doctors at work about how they treat patients, and also how they talk to patients and their families about cancer. Its made me appreciate what I’m doing a bit more – you forget how exiting it is when you do it every day.
      So glad that you enjoyed it, I have too! Its been a bit of a wild ride (especially when I tried to answer the volcano questions!)!